Sidewalks of A1A

Sep 10

Slide down into the sea
Twelve hours on your feet
Get the tide to wash you away
Thousands and thousands of days
And someone you never meet
Signs a check you get every week
You try and you still can’t forget
All the strangers that you have met

Please be good to each other.


4 Responses to “Sidewalks of A1A”

  1. Claudi says:

    Hello there – I know this isn’t relevant to the post but I just read your interview:
    which was interesting. You said that you lived in the Virgin Islands – I was wondering what it’s like there? Good place to live, etc..?

  2. Claudi says:

    I mean I saw that you lived in the U.S. Virgin Islands on your about page…

  3. Jane says:

    Hey there,

    The USVI was good to me, although I only lived there for a few months at a time, during university holidays. It was a ton of fun while I was there, although I appreciated being able to get back to the mainland. It’s a small island (St. Croix) and you need a break from it relatively frequently…

  4. Claudi says:

    Ok – thanks. I think I’d like to go some day. Not sure which Caribbean island yet tho…

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