SMX London III & Why Rand Is Pleased That I Live In London

May 06

A year and a half ago, Rand walked out into The Pit at SEOmoz and said, “Who wants to go to London?” I was the first person to put up my hand. The event for which I went to London was the first SMX in the city. I spoke on a link bait and viral marketing panel with Ciaran Norris, who stole the show with his boobs. For the next twelve months, I worked on getting back to SMX London 2008. With that successfully taken care of, I decided that the nine hour flight from Seattle to London was a bit too far and just moved here instead. It saves Rand from being pestered to send me here every year, which must be quite a relief ;)

For reasons best known to themselves, SMX London’s team have invited me back this year. I’m speaking on the SEO Checkup panel, or what I like to call “Q&A Live”. Since my last couple of years at SEOmoz involved managing its Q&A forum, I quite like this sort of format.

This show is quite special to me, not only because it was my first speaking gig in 2007, but because the SEO community in the UK have always been a fantastic group. I’m delighted to finally be somewhat of a domestic addition to the conference.

Never the sorts to let an opportunity for a piss-up go by, we’ll be attempting to put together a LondonSEO party for Monday the 18th as well. This is the event that, in 2007, probably laid the foundations for me moving here. At the least, it appears as though our baby-faced selves were having quite a good time:

If you’re already coming to the event (especially from far far away, Rand and Kate!), we’re looking forward to seeing you all. If you’re still considering coming over, we promise to put on a good one.