Facebook Security Leaks–In Notification Emails

Aug 08

My riveting life, which today has involved swim practice, a four hour nap and couple of hours on Skype with my mother, became ever so slightly less dull (well, not really) a couple of minutes ago when my mother made one of my Facebook pictures her profile picture. Apparently, Facebook emails you when someone does this. The email I just received, however, had a load of information in it that had nothing to do with me or my mother. It appears to display wall posts from people I don’t know, nor am connected to on the site. I also have no idea what language this is:

What is going on here, and are all of us having things from our profiles emailed to others accidentally?

3 Responses to “Facebook Security Leaks–In Notification Emails”

  1. Kalena says:

    I’ve got no idea. But apparently Zack likes your mother. Have you reported it to the FB gnomes?

  2. Jane says:

    I know someone who knows someone who works there (don’t we all, really) and he emailed this person. I really wouldn’t care at all if stuff from my wall ended up elsewhere, but if it’s grabbing random data, what’s stopping it mistakenly emailing Inbox conversations around? Someone might find out all those terrible things I said about Michael.

  3. Kalena says:

    It’s ok. I published those things you said about Michael on the wall of the unisex toilet at The Argyle anyway. Also his phone number to save people from JFGI